How to settle in to your new home fast

November 28th, 2013 by admin 1

After all of the stress and effort that the buying process involves, the chances are that you’re going to want to put it all behind you and settle in to your nice new home as quickly as possible. However, this is often easier said than done and it can take people weeks, if not months, to feel properly at home.

So, don’t let yourself live in limbo but follow these tips to settle into your new home, fast! After all of the stress and effort that the buying process involves, the chances are that you’re going to want to put it all behind you and settle in to your nice new home as quickly as possible. However, this is often easier said than done and it can take people weeks, if not months, to feel properly at home. So, don’t let yourself live in limbo but follow these tips to settle into your new home, fast!

new home
Hire a moving company
A lot of the procrastination that follows a move comes about because people are simply too exhausted from all of the carrying, heaving, shifting and cleaning to even think about unpacking.

Save yourself the time and the energy and hire someone to do it all for you. If you’re looking for fast and efficient removals in Stevenage then a firm like Brycelands can help. Removal planning in Stevenage with Brycelands can help get you and your belongings from A to B with minimum fuss.

Don’t leave your boxes unpacked
Although it may be tempting to ignore that pile of boxes lurking in the corner, don’t! The longer you leave them there the harder it will be to find places for everything, and you’ll feel like you’re only camping in the meantime. Bite the bullet and get that stuff unpacked, it will be a weight off of your mind and off of your floorboards!

Start planning your decor before you move in
You might not be able to make final decisions on decor before you’ve moved in and unpacked, but you can definitely start planning the looks that you want for each room.

This will not only make everything quicker when it comes time to decorate but it will help you to start thinking of the new house as your home.

Be decisive

Just because you put a table in a certain place now, doesn’t mean it has to stay there forever. So just be decisive on moving day, get everything in and set up and then worry about the details in the future. Moving house is never going to be stress free, but by settling into your new place fast you can put the strains of the move behind you and start living your new life.

Flooring for teen room?

October 13th, 2013 by admin 1

Room of teenagers are often neglected when it came to decoration as teenagers have a habit of staying cooped up in their room until we push the tantrum, the best way to makes their room look elegant & tidy is renovating the floor of the room. You have multiple options like carpeting, vinyl or buying natural stone tiles. Every type of floor renovation works well if done with passion & motivation. Here are some options for you.


The carpet is a favorite of coating the floor of teens room, and it is not a surprise! What made ​​it successful is its softness and extreme comfort underfoot and its warmth cocooning. This reinforce teenagers to stay in their room and never come out! But the list of qualities is not over. Indeed, the other major advantage of adopting this flooring in the bedroom of young people is that it is best option when it came to insulation and soundproofing. At an age when it is customary to listen to loud music, the noise reduction is not negligible, as for the rest of the family to the neighbors! However to remove some good points to the carpeted flooring A speech can qualify if you put on anti-allergenic carpets.

Vinyl flooring

Why opt for a floor vinyl ? Because it is available in different colors & styles that offers excellent decoration to any flooring,on the other hand it is both healthy and durable, it offers endless possibilities difficult to match. In addition, vinyl flooring is also an excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. Only problem is that it scratches easily. oh yeah, It cause no allergy unlike carpeted flooring. Among its other advantages: low cost and diversification in many sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and materials. Ideal for accessorizing the space to highlight a specific urban style, whether pop, rock, New York, poetic … or simply be used to hide an unattractive floor!

Natural Stone flooring

This is what makes a beautiful flooring in any living space. Suitable for all types of interiors, it proves to be beautiful flooring in itself, the natural stone attracted above all by its authentic side. Advantage: Great durability & wide variety of natural colors, white to black through the steel gray and lime green.

5 Tips to revamping your room in a day

October 9th, 2013 by admin 0

Rearrange your furniture. This may sound a little too obvious but people tend to be a little unwilling to move their furniture once they have got their chair in the perfect TV spot. Rearranging your furniture will give the room a new lease of life; give you a different perspective and may ignite some inspiration. I am not saying that you have to Feng Shui your room but try moving things around. Once you get going you will be surprised how much a difference this will make to your room and even better, it costs nothing at all.

room remodeling

Create a feature wall. Painting is a cheap and easy way to revamp your tired looking room. With numerous colour variations out there and a much cheaper option to wallpaper, paint is a home improvement must. If time is short I suggest painting one or two walls and making it a feature. If time is really short think about hiring a spray unit from station who specialises in tool hire and this way you will have extra time shopping for those key pieces to make your room shine. However, if you are planning on creating a feature wall you should be brave with your colour choice. I am not saying you need to paint a deep red wall in your living room but what about a dark tone to give your room some character? Remember you can always paint over it!

Cover it with fabric. Fabric is the perfect way to insert a change into a room. If your furniture is starting to look a little tired and well used and it is not in the budget to stretch to a new suite then throws are the perfect fixer. Perhaps treat yourself to ready-made covers to give your furniture a completely new look for a fraction of the price. Throws are generally inexpensive and can add a sense of luxury to your room, not to mention comfort. It will take no time at all to create a whole new look with a couple of well-placed throws or covers.

quick deco

Change up your pictures and ornaments. Have a think at how long you have had the same ornaments and pictures decorating your room. Many people will redecorate and then put their same treasures back on display. Obviously family photos can be given immunity but what about all the rest? How about changing what you have on display, perhaps you have some gems tucked away in the attic that would look perfect above the fireplace. Pictures can become quickly out dated and bring down a room so think about changing a couple of pieces once in a while to give the room a lift. If you are arty how about making something yourself? This will save on expense and also give your room a more individual touch.

decorative plants for living room

Add a touch of nature. Adding plants and flowers to a room will quickly revamp your room. An attractive arrangement of fresh flowers adds fragrance and colour to a room. Fresh flowers are a classic decorating idea that you can constantly alter and that will never go out of style. As a note some large indoor plants can be expensive but shop around as prices change seasonally.

A quick home theater sound guide

October 7th, 2013 by admin 3

A home theater is nothing without quality sound. High-definition sound will enable you to experience films like never before, and it can likely match that of a real cinema. These tips will help you to get the most out of your sound system to provide a truly immersive experience in your home theater.

home theater

Correctly wire your system
While it may seem obvious, incorrect wiring is common and can result in muddled and degraded sound. Sometimes the sound still comes through, but the incorrect wiring will render your high-definition sound useless. Ensure that you hook your wires into the correct polarity: red being positive, and black being negative. Also, make sure that your wires correspond to the correct position of the sound. For example, you want the front right speaker to connect to the front right speaker input on your system. This guarantees that you get the correct distribution of sound throughout your room.

Don’t cut corners on cables
While you don’t need to shell out hundreds for a quality cable, you should get a reputable HDMI cable in order to provide uncompressed and high-definition sound. An HDMI cable will allow you to get high-definition sound and video from your blu-ray system. Remember that the cable doesn’t have to be covered in gold or priced as if it were, it should just be HDMI to ensure the highest quality of sound.

speakers for home theater

Place your speakers at optimal points in the room
You don’t want your speakers all stacked next to each other; instead, try and space them around the corners of your room to give a true surround-sound experience. Remember to keep the right and left speakers separate to ensure correct sound placement, and try and place your subwoofer front and center if possible. You can always play around with your speakers to find the optimal arrangement. You want your sound to have room to breathe, and you want to ensure that it plays perfectly off of your room’s natural acoustics.

If you wish to mount your speakers on the wall, try and have them angled downwards in order to properly distribute the sound. If the speakers are too high or too evenly leveled, then you may find that the sound becomes tinny when reverberating off of the ceiling. On level with the television is ideal, but if they must be above, make sure to angle them downwards for optimal acoustics.

No more cubed speakers
Cubed speakers offer nothing more than compressed sound and distorted treble. While they are currently popular, they are priced at more than they are worth and fail to provide the best sound. They may be small and compact, but you are better off finding slightly larger speakers for your home theater. The sound will be better, and they will likely cost you less as well.

modern home theater

HD Channels
It’s no secret that the best sound also relies on its source. HD channels will provide better quality sound than normal quality channels. Finding a source with an extensive list of HD channels is important. A great option for a large list of HD channels is DirecTV. You can sign up DirecTV using and at the same time get access to Sunday Ticket and three months free of Cinemax and Starz. If DirecTV isn’t your style then check out your cable provider packages to find which has the most HD channels.

Calibrate your system
While your ear can tell the difference between good and bad sound quality, it is worth investing in a calibration system to ensure that your money is well spent. Some products like the Avia Test Disc are a cheap and efficient way of testing your system. You’ve spent the time and money creating your perfect home theater, so this extra step is highly recommended.

Ideas to decorate the toilet

September 19th, 2013 by admin 2


An area that is too often neglected, toilet for sure is the area that should not be forgotten in the home decoration. Here is a brief overview of the possibilities you can achieve in the bathroom in terms of decoration.

With paint
There are some ways in which you can give a facelift in this space without repaint. For example, you can repaint the door in a color different from that applied to the walls. Another tip, paint a band of 10 or 20 inches wide running on all four walls, about 1.5 meters from the ground. You give more the illusion of a bigger room with this technique.There are also paintings tile, which can quickly change the atmosphere without having to redo everything.

With stickers and accessories
There are many stickers that stick on the toilet: original, designer, fun. For a few bucks you can also change the lid of your toilet. Just check the size, shape and spacing of the holes to secure. Some decorative accessories can also set the tone: brush, soap dispenser, toilet paper, hand towels, mirror etc.

With furniture
If you plan to do some work, you can opt for hanging toilet. The installation is more expensive, since we usually break part of the wall, take the pipes and eventually rebuild a facade to hide the plumbing. But the result is much more aesthetically pleasing. As with walk-in showers, the eye is not stopped on the details. It flows better in the room and thus transmits to the brain a feeling of space.

Tips for choosing the right children’s bed

August 16th, 2013 by admin 0

modern kids bed

Everyone in this world wants to have the best for his kids and make sure that they get everything perfect for them. Starting from clothes, to shoes and bedroom we want everything to be perfect. Clothes and other accessories can still be changed and bought anytime but when it comes to bed then we tend to become more choosy as it affects the sleep of our child. Moreover, we buy children’s bed once in their lifetime and are a little expensive too, so this decision has to be made wisely.

When you have decided to buy a children’s bed for your kid there are lots of things that you need to consider. Here are some of the best tips which you must keep in mind before selecting a childrens bed for your child.

The look
The first thing that comes to our mind when you go out to buy a bed for our child is its look. Some people want it to be stylish while other might prefer it to be elegant and classy. So based on the look you wish to have for your kid’s bedroom, you can select a children’s bed for your child.

kids bed desings 2013

The Size
The next thing that you must keep in mind is the size of the room for which you are buying the bed. If the room is bigger, then you can afford to select a bigger size bed and vice versa. The main point to focus here is that your bed should be in proportion to the size of the bedroom in which it is supposed to be kept. So better take measurements of the room before you go to buy the bed.

You also have to decide that the purpose of buying the bed. If you think your kid will only use it for sleeping, then a simple bed would work for you but in case you are looking for a multi functional bed, such as for storage purposes etc, then you must choose accordingly.

kids bed

If your kid’s bedroom has been designed based on a theme, then you must choose a bed that matches it. Lots of beds are available in the market that are based on various themes or else you can get it customized and get it made especially for you.

Room sharing
If you have 2 kids sleeping in the same room and if they are supposed to share the same bed then a bed that allows two persons to sleep needs to be chosen. You can choose from the various options available for such types of beds online as well as offline. This means you have lots of options available in the market when it comes to beds for your children. All you need to do is keep these five points in mind before selecting one and you will never go wrong with this decision of yours. So go out and buy that special bed for your kid because when it comes to our kids we know it has to be special.